5+ Awesome Casual Outfits You Need to Copy This Weekend


5 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. I grew up surrounded by fashion. I love fashion. As a little girl, I always played around with looks in my closet. My mom would always take candid photos of me. They were hilarious. Today, I am still interested in fashion. It is a work of art. I love being able to express myself through my style. I can put various looks together and it will be considered my artwork. We are free to express ourselves through our personal styles and create various interesting looks. Just like artists and designers, it is also fun to inspire others with our looks. Everyone has a different vision on how to wear that one dress or that one top.

2. Finding a way to feel comfortable but girly at the same time, without feeling forced to wear things I don’t like just because they are trendy.

3. Fashion is a way of expression that works between art and life. Textures, society, trends, culture expressions, new technologies that is fashion too.

4. When fashion is inspired by history.

5. I am interested in finding out, combining and understanding the right look Trend. Of the moment. Trendy outfits. I always try to be fashionable and have my own style.

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