5 Cozy Summer Outfits To Wear Now


5 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on casual wear


1. The fact that you can create so many looks and that all the fashion comes back! The bell bottoms, the velvet finish… these were outfits Sabrina the teenage with wore on her show back in the day! You can mix new with the old! I can make something that was in my closet for a year untouched with a brand new skirt… and bam new outfit!

2. I like creative thing in life. Being able to mix and match 2 pieces outfit give me a great deal of enjoyment. Hence, when somebody notices my creativity, I felt appreciated and it gave me more motivation to be more creative in my own way.

3. I think when you feel good on the outside then it starts unveiling the strength from within. It’s just incredible what fashion can do to someone’s self-esteem.

4. From the photographer’s perspective, the opportunity to look at fashion from a completely different side is the most interesting for me. Very often, people identify a photo as pressing the shutter and creating an image. In fact, it is a much longer process.

5. As each style icon has secrets to always be at the top I love to give advice and help those who are younger than me. Playing with colors, choosing an outfit is not always easy, you have to be a bit ‘worn and sometimes even an external advice is enough.

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