5 Outfit Ideas That’ll Last You All Summer Long


5 Instagrammers ideas and thoughts on casual wear


1. The rule that I never broke is can not miss an accessory for our dress!

2. That everyone has their own personal style. There are just as many different types of styles as there are people.

3. I like to update myself with the latest runway looks and styles for the season. And also how it is translated into street style. I always find myself getting interested also with shoes and accessories like bags and jewelry.

4. I love diversity. Totally love diversity, fashion outside the normal. I would be one of those bringing back the 70s and 80s with my own style thrown in and starting a new trend. I used to always experiment as a young child being quite creative and designing my outfits and sewing whatever I could without a pattern. Even these days I prefer to be different with my fashion sense and prefer Op shopping or limited styles of fashion instead of the high market popular trends.

5. Having different unique pieces of colors and combining them to have a new look all the time.

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