5+ Outfits to Try This Year


6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. This season is about mixing nude and bright colors. A favorite trend this year, Checks. 

2. One fashion rule that I’ll never break is staying true to my sense of style and knowing what works best for me. A lot of times individuals go with the latest trend that’s circulating, but sometimes Trends can be the worst things to follow. Know your body type, and what colors you look best in and never break that!

3. What interests me the most in fashion is that it’s secular. I love seeing trends from when I was younger back in style, but with a more modern twist. This season, in particular, has made me laugh because it’s reminded me of my college days. I said I would never wear a denim skirt or a crop top again, and I currently have both in my closet.

4. I’ve always loved fashion, and I just finished working at Notonthehighstreet as part of the Style team, specializing in all things jewelry and fashion. I love that people use fashion to express themselves, and it allows people to be creative. I personally love it because there’s always something new, and it’s always really exciting to create your own trends.

5. Be confident it whatever you wear. Stick to the basics and start with a clean, fresh, prepped face for makeup.

6. My perfect style will be the colors of a white T-shirt, plaid Jacket, and black jeans. The one person that is of inspiration will be Gwen Stefani because she is really good at pulling off street styles.

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