5+ Quick and Easy Back to School Hairstyles for 2018

6 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. The key to any good hairstyle is a good prep. There need to be some products in the hair to give the hair some grip so it’ll stay in place all day. It was blow-dried with a medium-sized round brush to give the hair volume and shine. Started out with a Prep primer, equally distributed throughout the entire hair from root to ends. This will make each strand of hair even out, make the hair ready for all of the other products and protect against heat. I also put Repair blow dry cream to get control. Then put Thickening hairspray on the roots on the inner section and front of the hair. I’ve also used Styling Cream on all of the cowlicks and in the front to make the hair lay in the wanted position. I put Thickening foam, and a little bit of Surf infusion through the lengths while blow drying. When finished let the hair cool down for a minute and pop some Pret-a-powder on the top section and through the lengths for grip and volume and spirits of City Swept on your fingers to define the length

2. This hair color is created by using?Sens.us Colour” which DOES NOT contain PPD or Ammonia. My hairdressing godmother (Stephanie at Zelante) tried to create a root drag/ombra effect, leaving my natural brown on the regrow and feathered down look into a vibrant red. On the ends, lightener was used (freehand), leaving a warm golden color to create effect.The hairstyle was created using a GHD and curled, left down and brushed out to create a soft effect.

3. About the hairstyle first all done with LOreal professional product we used inoa nbr 607 on all the hair before that we did what we call ombra using Platinium plus bleaching cream from l Professional also with smart bond for protecting the hair after that we do glaze or toner using delight from LOreal nbr 911 to remove the yellow and get the silver look this for color For styling the hair simply beach wave using the curling iron after blow dry the hair

4. For this hairstyle, I have used two products. On wet hair, I spray evenly the Curl Tonic, from L’Oreal stylish line of products and following that I use a small amount of Glued (water resistant spiking glue) from Schwarzkopf Got2b line.

5. I achieved this hairstyle by simply getting a red white and blue bandana, which can be purchased at party city, or any party supply store. I wrapped it underneath my hair and tied it at the top while pulling a little hair out in the front. I just left my hair wavy, which is my natural hair. It is that simple. For my daughter’s hair, I got two red, white, and blue bows from Bella Treasures, which is a boutique I found on Etsy. I put two ponytails in her hair and clipped the bows in. Another simple, cute and easy hairstyle to do.

6. I had it styled for my best friend wedding.

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