5+ Simple And Good Looking Ideas On HairStyle For Women

6 Instagrammers ideas on hairstyles


1. I looked for a natural feel that did not require much effort and rigidity. A hair molding foam for the curls and to give the final touch we used a headdress made with filigree and rhinestones that would highlight any hairstyle.

2. Natural hair was braided down, a good amount of natural hair was left out around front & sides so it would be versatile and then Hair Extensions were added. good quality hair, Sewing needles, weaving cap. Babyliss Flatiron. Paul Mitchell “Hot of the press” Vitamin E oil.

3. For this hairstyle, I used a straightener. The reason is that it creates long-lasting, big curls that easily frame your face. I used a Secret brand straightener, which has multiple heat settings and a vibration setting that assists in making beautiful straightener curls. To set the curls I used Joico power spray finishing spray. It smells great and works amazing.

4. I achieved this hair look by using 3 Brazilian body wave and a frontal from @thequincolletion_. For this hairstyle I used 1/2- 1 in curling wand, to achieve a voluminous body wave look. Wide tooth comb is recommended to comb out wand curls.

5. I did this style on freshly washed and damp hair. I added eco styler gel to all of my hair in small sections. I then parted a section of my hair in the front to create bangs, which I then parted down the middle. While the bangs were sectioned off, I pulled the rest of my hair into a high ponytail. I did a very loose top knot bun using rubber bands to give the bun height and shaped it with my hands. I finished off by clipping two loc beads into the bun and adding a bit more gel to my bangs for safe keeping. To try this on dry natural hair (and avoid using as much gel) I would recommend moistening the bangs slightly, adding oil and leaving them in two plaits overnight. Water and eco styler gel.

6. To achieve this hairstyle, I’ve purchased a lace wig from Hairsisters.com. The wig came colored already and you can choose from different colors that particular style has in stock. Hair Sisters is the only company I’ve purchased my wigs from and they last more than a month with the proper care and condition. For this style, I’d recommend Cantu’s Frizz Fighting Leave-In Conditioning Foam to condition the curl pattern. Cantu’s Extreme Hold Styling Stay Glue is another product I used that allowed me to lay my edges down and have complete control. You can use any curling iron to achieve this look. I love my waves lose, especially in the summer.

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    Julie Grace

    Fifth one looks unique and new to me. DEFINITELY gonna give it a try

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