5+ Stunning Prom Hairstyles for 2018

6 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. I love trying different looks depending on the season. I usually go lighter in the summer and go with a bolder look for winter. I am always up for trying new colors!

2. I achieved the hairstyle by growing the hair to a certain level and then decided to cut the sides and leave the rest. then I had my salons set the hair, as you can see there is a little color to the hair so the hair needs very good treatment to keep the hair strong.

3. My current hairstyle was actually inspired by my favorite childhood movie, “The Last Unicorn,” oddly enough. I decided I wanted something out of my comfort zone that was both bold, and bright but still feminine and beautiful. I went to my all-time favorite hair salon, @splitendsmanheim (in Manheim, PA) as well as my all-time favorite hair stylist @jes27oro (Jessamy Orozco) and asked her to do just that! I also prefer my hair cut into long layers in a kind of shag style.

4. GHD Root Lift/ Total Volume foam blow dried into hair, then spritz ghd Curl Hold all over for curl memory and hold. I used the ghd platinum and to make a horizontal curl upwards and outwards away from the face on one side and towards the face on the other side. This creates a natural curve/tuck behind the ear and volume towards the front. ALL PRODUCTS USED ARE FROM GHD.GHD Total Volume Foam/ Root Lift from wet to dry, then ghd Curl Hold all over before you start curling. Finish with Final Shine and a mist of Final Fix to add shine and protection against humidity. This model has her own hair color, no colors or highlights added so the hair doesn’t have much grip. If your hair is bleached or has a coarse texture you can manage with just Total Volume foam as it adds shine, body and creates a healthy feeling to the hair.

5. Actually, I didn’t do much with my hairstyle, to be honest, I am a lousy type of person, so I would just let it flow as it is. I use the brand “Milkshake” for my shampoo and conditioner, I was highly recommended by my hair stylist that this is a good choice to take care and keep the color of my hair, I agreed with that, and I keep using this brand whenever I color my hair.

6. Leave two tiny strands of hair out to soften the look. From the top of your head, take two strands of hair and twist them to the right and then twisted with each other and tie it with an elastic. You can choose where you want to part your hair.

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