5+ Stylish Spring Outfits You Can Wear Right Now


6 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on casual wear


1. The possibility of creating my own designs or collections and transmitting to the world my way of seeing fashion since each head is a world and we all have different points of view and I feel that the world of fashion allows you to focus your perspective and translate it into beautiful designs reaching those who feel identified with you.

2. I don’t believe in fashion rules I think fashion is used as a daily way to express ourselves. To me, I believe it is like an armor we put on to show the world how we feel that day, whether it be strong, bold or beautiful.

3. Being an eye-catcher and represent my personality is the best thing about fashion for me.

4. Fashion is fascinating as how by wearing just anything with confidence and smile can make you look presentable.

5. I like that street style is diverse. You can make almost any article of clothing, street. It’s not limited, nor is it boring!

6. To get inspired by others, I love people watching at a cafe on a sunny day.

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