6+ Amazing Looks To Show Up On Vacation


6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. You can transform yourself into anyone and anything you want with the right outfit; and as a woman, fashion becomes limitless. As a technology project manager at a global banking institution, a part-time personal shopper and sales professional at Bloomingdales, a pageant competitor, and fitness aficionado, my wardrobe and fashion requirements constantly change, even within the same day. From tailored suiting to embellished customized evening gowns, to mix and match fitness gear, I find myself playing dress up in every style and theme imaginable, and transforming myself into the person I need to be at that specific time. What I love the most about fashion, is being able to find “your look and style” that everyone knows associates with you, regardless of whether it is gym wear, work attire, a pageant gown, swimsuit, or even pajamas. If you wear the right outfit, you truly can take over the world.

2. I love fashion because it is a limitless creative playground! The best part is that being fashionable doesn’t mean breaking the bank or seeking out expensive name brands. Fashion can be affordable. In fact, the majority of my wardrobe is thrifted! Borrow a vintage sweater from you, grandma, tuck it into a pair of thrifted skinny jeans, and throw on a pair of clearance rack heels (or sneakers ). There truly are no fashion limits!

3. I am a visual person. Fashion makes me not just look but feel vibrant. It gives me a canvas to be creative and express myself.

4. Way before the ‘Instagram influencer’ era that commercialized and somewhat trivialized fashion like never before in the eyes of the masses, clothing essentially was and still is a tangible reflection of the socio-cultural evolution of societies throughout history. It is not just about creating looks and stacking up brands but rather a powerful tool for self-expression and image-building and plays a major role in determining first impressions.

5. Being able to express me through my style.

6. The one Fashion rule I never break is to wear something that I don’t like even if is trending, to me, an example is mixing prints never liked it ( probably never will ‘ haha ) so I don’t wear it no matter if its the trending of the year.

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