6+ Only Chic Ideas On Hairstyles

6 Instagrammers ideas on hairstyles


1. I first did a high ponytail using water and brush. Then I just twisted my hair in order to put it into a bun. Secure with an elastic and use bobby pins to fix access hair that is on the bottom. Pull the edges of your bun if you want the bun to be a little bigger. I wanted the final look to be fancier so I just wore a headband from Claires. Putting a big bow will also look stunning. That’s it! I would definitely recommend bobby pins and hairspray to secure your bun tight for a long period of time.

2. I like my hair.

3. This hairstyle is achieved by mixing step and layer- cut together. The front part of the hair is fully layered. The back side has layered steps. I use Coconut Oil, Dove Shampoo, Dove conditioner and BBlunt Hair serum. These products keep the shine of the hair intact. Oil massage twice a week is recommended.

4. I got this hairstyle in an easy way. First of all, I washed my hair with KERASTASE REFLECTION to keep my reflexes, after having washed them I used a BIOPOINT PROFESSIONAL mask that I kept in place for at least 5 minutes. Then I rinsed my hair, I squeezed them and wrapped them in an absorbent tablecloth. Once wet I sprayed “L’OREAL STYLIST, THE CURL TONIC” all over my hair and massaged the tips of my hair from top to bottom. Finally, I dried all the hair with a hairdryer with a diffuser and VOILA’ my hairstyle is ready. The essential product that I recommend for this hairstyle is L’OREAL STYLISTA, THE CURL TONIC.

5. I always feel comfortable in my outfit

6. One of my favorite and simplest hairstyles is a raised ponytail with stylized baby hairs. I achieve this look with a high ponytail and using a brush and wax, I style baby hairs, which you can see in the video.

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