6 Easy And Genious Ideas On Hairstyles

6 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. This hairstyle was achieved by my gorgeous friend and hairstylist Kylie. She had to do it over 2 days, even though she used olaplex, as my natural hair color is black and she wanted to maintain the integrity of my hair.

2. I am a hair model and this hairstyle was done by a professional hairstylist from the Seanhanna salon in London; however, it can be easily achieved at home. Simply blow-dry and straighten your hair with a bit of mousse, then slightly backcomb or tease the roots to create a nice volume (no need to try too much, just a slight teasing, otherwise you can damage your hair). You can also apply a bit of hairspray on the roots right after you backcombed them for even better volume. After you have done that, you then can use hairspray or hair paste to finish – I prefer hair paste, just take a small amount, rub between your palms and carefully stroke all over your hair.

3. Use the Corioliss super stick curling wand, streak or livon hair serum; tony and guy heat protectant.

4. For my second model, I decided to create a hand free balayage. I took sections of 1 centimeter that I backcombed with my comb. I have used the Wella bleach Blondor 30 volume unevenly with a large brush. I added N.1 well Alex. I let sit for 45 minutes. When I finished rinsing I added the Shade from Redken 9V (violet) to neutralize the yellow tons unwanted for 20 minutes. I used the purple Blacklights Oligo Shampoo for 2minutes. Then I put in N.2 WellaPlex in the length and at the hair tips and wrapped in a heated towel to let it set in for 15 minutes. I finished with the conditioner FusionPlex from Wella.

5. This hairstyle comes from the desire to have a retro style, gives a touch of volume to my straight hair and is very simple to make.

6. I achieve my hairstyle by bleaching it about twice a month and on the daily basis I wet it and brush it down with ECO styler gel.

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