6+ Easy Hairstyles for Spring Break

6 Instagrammers ideas on hairstyles


1. I have never dyed my hair or used curler, I just embrace my natural hairstyle as they are. They are a bit wavy and slightly brownish which I am very pleased with it. I believe that we are what we eat. Instead of doing a lot of treatment, we should be taking care of our hair through a healthy diet, as our hair needs certain vitamins to grow stronger and make them shiny. I eat a spoon of hemp oil and some walnuts every day in my breakfast, which provides me loads of omega-3 that makes my hair shiny. I as well take multivitamins tablet every night to make sure I get all the nutrition I need.

2. The style of this curly hair is achieved because it’s a lace frontal human hair wig. The wig has been handmade with a sewing machine and has been customizing to include pre plucked baby hair – thus giving a real authentic look.

3. To achieve this hairstyle, the first step is to wash my hair using an anti-frizz mask, then I carefully dry my hair once dry I apply a heat protectant to prepare my hair for the last step which is to use a hair straightener. A tip I can give you to who has a medium hair length is to use the hair straightener on small strands of hair.

4. My hairstyles are my lifestyle, I take care of hair with hairdressing products like masks and other products, this hairstyle is urban and very summery.

5. Use a straightener to curl your hair making sure to leave the ends untouched. This leaves you with a clean, tousled look.

6. I teased my hair too straight and then I took culma. I picked up one thicker hair strap wrapped around the crutch and left it there for about 3-7 seconds. And the wave is done.

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