6+ Ideas On Hair Style For Men

6 Instagrammers ideas on hairstyles


1. I wanted to change my cut, I was always sick in the same way, so I went to my barber and had him cut differently than I could think of in an elegant and modern style. Always leave it moisturized, creams and use the modeling ointment to fix the hairstyle.

2. This hairstyle has been obtained thanks to an accurate shave, shaded laterally and following a curved line, which gradually reduces until leaving room for a well-regulated crown in the upper part. This kind of cut can be modeled, either with a fibrous paste (wax), leaving the hair soft and easy to reprocess, or adding a few drops of lacquer for a stronger fixing.

3. Hair is a natural thing and like many natural beauties, it is often best admired undisturbed. I’ve been blessed genetically with fast-growing black hair from my Filipino mother and curly, thick hair from my Jewish father. My current hairstyle is the culmination of 2 years of growth making it ideal for playing music where every move and motion gets amplified. When my hair was shorter, I definitely had a bit of a Jew-fro, Elvis pompadour thing going on too. I generally use regular shampoo and conditioner but also argan oil before my hair dries. It generally gets wild on stage, but wax, clips and hair ties can help tame the mane.

4. I achieved this hairstyle using a texturizing spray, then I slicked back my hair leaving a few bits out so that it appears a bit more “undone” and “messy”.I would highly recommend the Ouai Texturizing Hairspray or a sea salt spray such as the one from Bumble and Bumble.

5. I Achieve this hairstyle in 5 months. I was using only coconut oil and Dove Shampoo and conditioner.

6. First and foremost, I care about my hair and of course, I always check the social media with regards to the latest hairstyle fashion. For the Philippines, I used Pantene products coz it makes my hair soft and shiny! I tried different products but it makes my hair dry and freezy, that’s why I highly recommended Pantene products to all gender because the only Pantene can give you satisfaction.

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