6 USeful Makeup Tips And Tricks You Probably Did Not Know About

6 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Makeup


1. Fashion is an art; it’s always evolving, changing and growing. You can turn your sense of style into something worth admiring and recreating.

2. I Love mix and play with colors on my face and the way you are with make up. It is wonderful With the make up you are more easy with yourself and feel good and pretty.

3. Make up is Art. It has the power of change your mood just wearing eyeliner or simply a mascara.

4. Styling advice I’ll give my younger self would be to layoff the racoon style liner! Your older pics look terrible!! match foundation to your neck and wearing all black won’t make you look any skinnier just dress your shape!

5. Makeup for me, has always been about enhancing natural beauty. I love how you can play up the “eyes” or slendarise the “nose”. Makeup, truly allows the everyday person to almost become someone else, if they wanted to go for more of the dramatics, or it allows you to play on your existing attributes like high cheekbones perfect for sculpting or highlighting. Or hooded eyes vs. non-hooded over cut-crease versatility. Making the everyday woman feel beautiful!

6. I love the power of make up. You can fore your lovely Part. Make up can give You a Bit more of Self – confidence. But never ever forget , that you are still beautiful without make up !

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