6 Ways To Wear A Outfit This Winter

3 Instagrammers Who Knows About Casual wear


1. My number one rule is that there are no rules! Fashion is an extension of you, your personality and your mood. The main rule to me is to wear what makes you comfortable and confident in your own skin. Dont be afraid of what others think, dont try to ?fit in? be brave and do you. Overall I love that people can dare to wear just about anything they want! But if I had to zone in on one trend – I am loving the cycle shorts, you can dress them up with heels and a lace bodysuit or dress them down with trainers and a baggy jumper/ Tee. I love the open slit popper trousers and the mini waistcoat dress. Love love love! Ok I know that was more than one but they are definitely my top three.

2. Be comfortable; be YOU. I don’t have on the specific look I abide by but I do have a philosophy I hold dear. I think it’s of utmost importance to be comfortable when sporting any look and in my opinion, you are most comfortable when you are expressing yourself.

3. I NEVER wear anything that Im not completely comfortable in. Comfort is key. After all, how are you supposed to feel confident if youre constantly fidgeting and adjusting yourself? Like it? Wear it! Dont worry what everyone else thinks if you like it and feel confident in it, then why the heck not?! Be brave!

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