7+Hair Ideas To Try

6 Instagrammers ideas on hairstyles


1. Since it is a messy bun so I used my fingers to comb through the hair then I used a fine-tooth comb with hairspray to comb back flyaways. Did side-parting for front look and started backcombing to give a voluminous look. Took the remaining hair on one side and started off with twisting hair strands in a flower like the style and securing them with mini bobby pins. 2: These are some of the essential hair tools and products for this hairstyle: •Rat-tail comb •Teasing comb •Fine-tooth comb •Used Schwarzkopf ultra mousse • Hairspray •Bobby pins.

2. I cut my hair in a beauty shop I recommended a coconut oil or organs.

3. I’ve braided my hair into two casual pigtails during the day to get this very subtle wavy look when opening the pigtails in the evening for a night out. To not lose them I added a bit of hairspray. You basically just need some hair ties for the pigtails. Depending on how strong you braid them you either get big or small curls. I don’t have any specific recommendations for a hairspray, just used any of the local supermarkets.

4. I have a 5th base hair color, mixed with a 30 volume peroxide. My hair has mini layers at the ends to add a little volume and I added on a layered fringe. (short in the middle and longer at the sides) making it longer at the sides gives you room to play around with your hair. It’s blow dried and flat ironed just to sort out any mini strands that want to run wild. I use the L’Oreal Elive extraordinary oil range, on my hair. I find that this compared to other products really help my hair, as it’s very dry at the ends. It also gives me a great shine (it’s also really affordable and that’s always a perk

5. Self Cut Layers, by cutting hair in a ponytail tied below the crown of the head. My hair is naturally wavy and this is an outgrown perm. Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo and Conditioner

6. I actually just do my hair care routine, 3 times a week shampoo and everyday use of Conditioner. Dove Shampoo and Creamsilk Hair Conditioner also Vitress for hair polish for the hair to look vibrant.

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