Adorable Hairstyles for Women

5 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. This hair is for all hair types, people with straightened hair can easily rock bangs and it’s not always easy to achieve bangs with kinky hair. So, this hairstyle is for all hair types that twist easily without unraveling.

2. I achieved this look by using my heat protectant Aquage beyond shine spray, and the ISO Beauty clipless curling iron in the 25MM size, and using the Big Sexy Hair & Play volumizing hairspray to finish off the look. For this hairstyle, I recommend using a heat protectant and using any 25MM curling iron. It does not have to be clipless, you can just wrap your hair around the barrel with a regular curling iron. Also, any hairspray that will hold your style but still leave your hair flexible. When wrapping your hair around the barrel, leave it for 8 to 9 seconds to get that beachy wave.

3. To achieve this hairstyle I separated my hair in sections to make it easier to part. Next, I took my braiding hair and attached it to each section. I have a full beginner friendly tutorial on how I got this specific look. Depending on your hair type will help you better understand which products will work best for you. I have 4c hair, so I like to use firm products like wax to hold everything in place!

4. I achieved this hairstyle on freshly washed, greased and oiled hair. Also a great parting comb! I recommend Creme of Nature Argan Oil from Morocco, Day & Night hair and scalp conditioner and any oil that works for my client’s scalp as a sealant. A comb that can glide through the hair making a clean part and expression extensions.

5. I achieved this hairstyle by starting with two-day-old hair as for my thin, soft hair it always holds curls better that way. I sprayed my favorite heat protecting spray which is by loreal. I then sectioned my hair into two large sections and curled loosely both sections. I usually brush out my hair after to give it more of a wavy, natural look rather than tight curls.

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