Awesome Outfit Ideas For Everyday Of Summer


5 Instgarammers thoughts and ideas on casual wear


1. Fashion is beyond clothes and accessories, fashion is art, fashion is history and I like to mix pieces that are totally different from each other to make my own fashion, my own kind of “history”. That’s what really interests me in fashion!

2. Well this is a good question, for me fashion is art a world full of surprises and discoveries, you have to be passionate about studying it, keeping up with trends, studying which clothes are good for you and which is not a bit like math, you can not afford to make mistakes because it scolds you.

3. The perfect look is when you look in the mirror more than one time and your smiling and telling yourself that the look that you will be getting compliments all day.

4. I’m interested in the style of fashion and want to create it in the style of art.

5. Shoes and accessories should be expensive. You can put on ordinary clothes, but in combination with luxury shoes and bag, you’ll look really fancy.

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