Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

2 Instagrammers Who Knows About Makeup


1. Be yourself, because if you do what you love you can feel that lights inside your soul that make you feel happy! but also control yourself, don’t try to be extra or better than others person! just show love & appreciate the others talents in this world! you don’t need to have many followers o likes to show how powerful you are! sadly in these lasts years we thinks that Folowers or likes make a big change! but this is not real! you don’t need many people to say how much talented you are! You just need to know it by yourself.

2. Almost everything, I love that you can be creative and change your look in a moment with only a few products like a bold lipstick or an eyeliner. Or even go all the way with Special Effects and create a creepy creature or cool character. So definitely the creative part.

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