Best Hairstyles for Men (Legit for 2018)

3 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. My photographer also stylist made it for me, the style was achieved first through Mohawk haircut

2. First and foremost, I care about my hair and of course, I always check the social media with regards to the latest hairstyle fashion. For the Philippines, I used Pantene products coz it makes my hair soft and shiny! I tried different products but it makes my hair dry and freezy, that’s why I highly recommended Pantene products to all gender because the only Pantene can give you satisfaction.

3. I ‘ve been influenced Not specifically, but I’ d like to wash my hair twist a day using the local brand of shampoo. some Korean model and actors which have an oriental face. I also like watching some Korean drama.

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