Casual Outfits: 10+ Practical & Amazing Ideas [For Women]


6 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on casual wear


1. Styling, tendencies, and advertising. It all fits together.

2. In fashion, I love the creativity and the freedom of expression.

3. Everything interests me about fashion(color, fabrics, and silhouette). My ultimate goal is to help women look and feel confident while defining their signature style in less time.

4. I love to search Instagram for inspiration and read magazines. It is important for me to feel good in my outfits. Fashion is for me a way, how I express myself. I am always thinking about how to spice up my everyday office outfit. Either it can be an interesting piece of jewelry, shoes, a blazer or a handbag.The possibilities are endless.

5. In fashion, I like my own combination so if I have an idea I go to my dressing and I make that to look amazing on me.

6. I love the fun you can have with it and how it can make you feel. It’s amazing how you could be having a really off day, but then something as little as putting on a new dress or a top you found in the back of your wardrobe, can uplift you and give you that extra boost. It can really make you feel good about yourself and give you that little confidence boost you needed. There’s nothing like a new outfit to make you want to strut your way into your day.

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