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1. I achieved it with a steam hair straightener. I recommend argan oil for split ends.

2. This is one of my favorite hairstyles to achieve. It is super easy and you can always rely on it to give you an effortless glam look. My current go-to products for fabulous beach waves is Ouai – wave spray. It gives my hair texture but doesn’t make it sticky. It is like the magic wonders of the ocean in a bottle. My favorite spray is Moroccan oil – Luminous hairspray medium. This spray gives long lasting hold and fights frizz. Yet you can continue to brush easily with your fingers through your hair. I have been loving LOreal Elvive Oil Extraordinary oil for years. It gives shine and protects it against external influences. t also smells nice and makes my hair feel super soft. You can also use this before blow-drying by the way.

3. It my own style I didn take help from a hairdresser rather than the haircut. I used lorealsunshine spray, I applied three times whilst didn get closer to the roots not to destroy the head skin because its acidic ingredients may likely burn the skin if you have the sensitive skin type. You can use sunlight to bleach the hair or hairdryer a few times. I would like to use the spray during spring so I can have different colors throughout the summer because of the sun and sea bleach your hair more.

4. One Fashion rule I never break is caring about what others think. I believe that fashion is an art form of expression and with that comes with no rules. As long as you are confident, happy and rocking it, nobody can tell you anything because You are You. Hairstyles can definitely be a statement piece and can be a key component to tying your look together, personally, I enjoy big hair with curls and frizz and everything natural.

5. My Bride wanted something a bit more edgy and fun. This was for sure a creative and different style. To achieve this look we first braided the hair on the one side, this braid effect is created by doing tight little plaits that once you have done a few rows it then forms cornrows. The curly up style was done by using the bride naturally curly hair and doing a creative and messy bun styled updo.

6. I achieved this hairstyle by using the products Fructis from Garnier (grow strong) shampoo and conditioner. Using it 3 days a week.

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