Creative Hairstyles For Women To Try In This Season

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. This hairstyle I would call it Stuck In The Middle because it is a middle part hairstyle. I have weave extensions in my hair, and because of that the way my hair is done, it is the only part I can have. I dont know how to directly achieve this hairstyle, but if you use a satin hair wrap, the hair wouldnt get tangled or messy. I remember my mom using Hicks edge control, CHI spray, and non-frizz spray. For this hairstyle, you shall not use synthetic hair because it wouldnt last long at all. I would prefer hair from aliexpress. My two favorite vendors are Recool Hair and Beauty forever. This hairstyle is a protective use for my hair because it grows under the extensions, and it keeps me from putting heat on my head.

2. I call this look The Lazy Fishtail because I normally do this look when I dont want to spend a whole lot of time getting ready, but I still want to look nice. I achieve this look by doing a deep part to one side and start a French braid down the front of my hairline all the way to my ear. After that, I gather all of my hair to that same side and start a fishtail all the way to the bottom. Then just tie it off with an elastic. Because I do this look on days I dont wash my hair the only products I use is dry shampoo. Like I said this look is super simple and I do it when I dont want to spend a whole lot of time putting myself together, but yet still look put together. Best of both worlds. Now as for the face shape and hair type, I think this look would work for anyone who has long hair. I have straight, fine hair so I think anyone with that type will have an easier time doing it, but really anyone can do it.

3. To create the hairstyle I had day old hair, or you could just spray on some dry shampoo. I then to took a 1inch curling iron and started curling my hair, alternating each curl towards my face and away from my face. After I finished curling my whole head, I took the top section of my hair from my temporals to the crown and sectioned off the rest with alligator clips. Starting from the temples I french braided the hair until I got to the crown of my head and secured the braid with a small elastic band. The remaining hair at the end of the elastic band I teased with a basic teasing comb I bought from Sally’s, then wrapped it into a tiny little bun and secured it with two bobby pins! Super easy. The only time-consuming part of this hairstyle is curling of the hair! Easiest if your hair is cut shorter.

4. It was super hot one day and I decided I wanted to do a regular bun but then I thought it was too plain so I tried 2 buns instead and it kinda worked out pretty good!

5. I really appreciate it, the hairstyle is called dreadlocks or faux loss and the style is an half bun lossa I took inspiration from Rihannas similar do for the movie ocean11. I used a styling gel to flatten the slightly loose body together and also hold down the edges. The length is 18inches and it was done by my hair stylist (who is a guy by the way) he gives me the perfect style that suits my face. I hope that helps. Thank you once again.

6. Literally, all face shape except round, and this is not suitable for thin hair. Cutting – Short bob with undercut Color – Pre lighten hair to level 9 – Color Lavender Ombra – Dark shadow at root session – Mids 6 lv Dust Lavender – Ends 10Lv Dust Lavender

7. To achieve this hairstyle, since her hair was fine and did not hold cure very well, we did a blowout the day before to prep the hair and include a product to help hold the curl. The day of, we curled the hair with a 3/4 inch barrel curling iron, and allowed the curls to set while she received her makeup service. Then we took down the curl. We smoothed out the bang area, gave a right amount of tease that she wanted, then gently placed the curls in a smooth, classic bun. Finally, we gently curl the face-framing pieces.

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