Different Hairstyles To Try in 2018

6 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. This hairstyle is one of my go-to looks because it is so easy to create. I start by putting slightly damp, but mostly towel-dried hair into two dutch braids on either side of my head. French braids give the same look, as well. I leave it in or sleep overnight with the style for at least four hours. I then take them out and am left with a soft beach wave texture. I have layers that are shorter in the front, so I like to take the very front pieces on the left side and braid them. I then pin them back with bobby pins. This helps keep them out of my face.

2. I bleached this client’s lower half of hair by balayage skill, on the top and both sides around the face random lift up bleached as sun-kissed highlights. Mixed with red, gray, and purple color into an Ash Rose Gold to color all the hair. So it ended with a perfect nature Wooden Brown base with Ash Rose Gold highlights. All the process with Olaplex.

3. To create this beachy-wave look: first I applied hair foam (Tresemme climate control). Then with a hair straightener turn it with the hair like a curl, and finish the look with salt spray.

4. I achieved this hairstyle by using Dove volumizing dry shampoo. I recommended volumizing products for this hairstyle.

5. These are small rope twist AKA Senegalese twist. I Used 4 packs of Sensationnel Xpressions braiding hair to achieve this hairstyle. It took me about 5 hours to complete. When I was finished With all of the twists I dipped the ends of the hair in boiling hot water to create a sleek finish. The products are Would recommend achieving a clean twist from root to tip would be Got2be glued clear gel and holding spray.

6. I sectioned the hair into three sections. I braided from the nape up ensuring that all the braids fell to one side of the client’s head.

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