Fashion And Hairstyle Inspirations For Kids

6 Instagrammers Who Knows About Kids Fashion


1. By myself, no products. Something with Natural beauty/raw/Pure.

2. I parted my hair into two sections and made 2 braids and put them into 2 space buns with Bobby pins.Wet the hair then put some gel and hairspray and top it off with hair shine spray.

3. If you want to achieve this hairstyle, all you have to do is wash your hair and then apply any organic hair gel for kids in damp hair. Then with your fingers, scatter the hair so it can give the volume. I would recommend Little Roseberry hair gel. Because it is made up of Aloe Vera and Vitamins. Its light hold. Doesnt give the strong gel look, yet set the hair perfectly.

4. First, I washed and conditioned my son’s hair with products for natural hair. Then, I sprayed his hair with a conditioning detangler spray. I used a metal pick to pick out his hair one section at a time starting at the ends. I used the tail end of a rattail comb to make my parts. The wider you part them the wider the cornrow. I evenly spaced them so they were the same size. I applied a small amount of gel to the beginning of the sectioned hair and sprayed each section with a spray bottle of water. I did the braids overhanded meaning the hair was parted into 3 sections beginning at the hairline and I brought each strand over each other. I used a hair tye to hold the rest of the hair in place as I braided each section to the end. I secured the ends with rubber bands. I put him in his highchair and gave him a phone so he could look at videos and be distracted while I worked.

5. I was born like that. It is from my mother. Round face shape, blonde will be sweet with such curls.

6. To always do things the right way, even if it takes longer.

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