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4 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. I do this Hairstyle with saltwater and Label.m Curlcream. Just Label.m curl cream.

2. Nothing is sexier than a big, romantic mess 😉 you’ll need to separate hair in two sections, it does need to have been perfect. Place a small elastic into both sections and take in one like a tail but into a side. Use fingers to gently pull out some of the hairs to create a more undone look. Use a comb to backcomb the section of hair you left out. Smooth the hair back and secure in a small pomp with a couple baby pins. Use a straighter for your fringe. Are messy hairstyle is ready 🙂

3. I simply condition my hair in the shower, wash out the conditioner and then run a little more through the lengths to leave in. Then I scrunch out the moisture with a t-shirt and add some we styling gel (scrunched in). I recommend Alberto Balsam conditioner and wet look styling gel (also Alberto Balsam).

4. I have had the same stylist for 15 years now who is the only person allowed to cut my hair, and thats @amanda_hairpassion. I was in need of something summery but still fun and ?different?, something that wasnt common as I like to set trends, or rather, Im a trailblazer and I make my own path. So, I had contacted her and she was absolutely excited to do this cut for me, while I specialize in the color, and I wanted something bold and bright. I had asked for a type of ? super gothy, Amelie meets Sassoon type of modern French bob?, shave the back of my neck, bring my hairline up to below my ears, A-line baby bangs and basically a simple cut that could be worn many different ways. Then for color, which I had lifted my roots, color corrected, toned and made ?white? by using my secret recipe of Wella Toners, I call it this color ?the queen of dragons ?. My natural hair color is raven black/blue-black, so I had started experimenting with coloring my hair when I was 13 and being an artist,

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