Kids Hairstyles and Haircuts

4 Instagrammers Who Knows About Kids Fashion


1. Wash & condition with ogx quenching and coconut curls shampoo & conditioner system. Using small dime sized amounts, work into damp hair, gently combine with a wide tooth comb. We live near the beach, so we let it air dry for the perfect beach curls!

2. Himalaya baby shampoo and 3 times a week head message with Himalaya oil.

3. Since Arya is only 2, we do not use any hairstyling products. We groomed her hair with baby shampoo and use conditioner on her ends to help to detangle her hair when brushing.

4. The hairstyle is totally my inspiration, I try many styles of hairstyle I see photos and I’m taking the essence of the ones I like the most and then I blend them to my liking. In this case, it consists of two braids stuck to the middle of the head and then caught with a high ponytail and these same with braid. Lastly, you wind them up making some bows and you adorn them with accessories and a headband from the Claires store that I love.

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