Perfectly Gorgeous Hairstyles for Prom

6 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. I used Babyliss Secret Curl and the Body shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum. I also recommend to use the Franck Provost Expert Protection 230°C beforehand, and when the curls are done, just on the ends, the R&B hair moisturizer from Lush

2. If I must be honest, I woke up in this way. I like the natural look. I recommend a new Papaya Hair Mask form Garnier Fructis, damage repairing treat. It’s awesome!

3. The hair was very soft and would absolutely suit any face shape and it suited my heart-shaped face.

4. My hair is naturally quite wavy, so I usually just brush it and let it air dry after shower and then my natural waves come through. This look is like, the day after, look! I used a flat iron and I wore my hair straight the day before, slept on it and this is how it looked the day after. Still quite straight but with bed hair waves. I also had this balayage’ish outgrown roots that made the hair extra nice! Like I’ve spent a day in the blue lagoon.

5. This was achieved through a blowout with just my hairdryer. I recommend Moroccan oil and Its a 10 hair mask. Oval or heart face shapes can pull this hairstyle off. Thanks!

6. After drying my hair with the hairdryer I put a hair spike to hold my hair in the back so that the hair was on my side, then I put on a handkerchief and ready. Shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair then use a hairdryer.

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