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1. I achieved this hairstyle by shaving the sides short and keeping it quite long on top whilst bleaching the hair for about 20-30 minutes to make sure all my hair fully took to it. We then washed the hair so we had a full neon yellow type look and we started to add the white pastel colour in after, applying using a small paint like brush to all areas of the hair on every part of the head, we then let it sit for another 30 minutes to ensure my hair took to it all. We washed it out again using purple/blue shampoo so it didn’t affect washing out the color too much, we then dried the hair, trimmed the top a little and waxed it back. Then you are left with the finished product. To maintain the hair color always use the purple/blue shampoo as it keeps the hair color locked in more rather than washing it out every 3 days I would suggest.

2. Blow dry, then use some hairstyle mud and apply lightly through my hair, the key is to make it look natural. And finally lightly use some hairspray. Products: V&G Aqua mud, Beaver firm hold finishing spray.

3. I did achieve this hairstyle by finding the right style for my face .. took lots of time lol.I use Keratin and shampoo Clear.

4. First and foremost, I care about my hair and of course, I always check the social media with regards to the latest hairstyle fashion. For the Philippines, I used Pantene products coz it makes my hair soft and shiny! I tried different products but it makes my hair dry and freezy, that’s why I highly recommended Pantene products to all gender because the only Pantene can give you satisfaction.

5. I go to the hairdresser regularly every two weeks. I cut my sides more strongly and the top gently. I use gum and sometimes hairspray for hair. My hairstyle is in Polish you started back.

6. I love my hair and I always try different hairstyles but this one I achieved very easily, just short sides and a quiff. I would recommend any good quality hair wax and hairdryer.

7. I achieve this hairstyle by letting my hair start to grow until I felt the desired length was achieved. Then I got a buzz cut and a fade. I plan to continue to let it grow because of my style changes often. If you have short hair like mine and if it has a mind of its own like mine, I keep it in style by using a strong pomade. Old spice and ax both have an affordable hair pomade that allows your short hair to be styled any way without leaving it hard like hair glue.

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