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5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. It’s fun to play! You can play with designs, textures, patterns, colors, accessories, and styles. It’s endless!

2. Variations of Style, Embracing all women’s shapes and sizes; Fashion cycles and trends, Originality and the birthing of emerging designers in their field of fashion specialty.

3. To me, fashion is like body language. It such a beautiful, artistic way to show a piece of who you are in the world. It’s amazing how much a great look can do for the way you see and command yourself. A great outfit can take you from feeling like a 3 to feel like a 10! I know it seems clichéd but I strongly feel, and I say this out of personal experience, that dressing well can truly make you believe in your own ability to take ownership of your decisions!

4. The style, beauty and unique trends that fashion brings out of people. I love to see how people incorporate their feelings into what they choose to wear, I think that is pretty dope.

5. The infinite diversions of any particular type of cloth or the design of cloth. There is no end to creativity which keeps my interest alive when it is about fashion.

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