Simple And Best Natural Makeup Ideas


5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. I describe a perfect makeup look as dewy skin, perfect brows, blinding highlight, natural blush, whatever color of eyeshadow I feel in that moment, a line of eyeliner, mascara and lashes of course, and a nude lip!

2. How it enhances me and I look like damn bomb!!!! Who doesn’t love to be admired and told you to look awesome? Can you imagine after you dress up then put am awesome face beat?

3. One thing that interests me in makeup is how artistically creative it is. I love how it can be used for a night out on the town or a dramatic scene in a movie. Most of my life I despised the use of makeup because I didn’t specifically want it or need it. However, as I’ve learned more about makeup it’s quite interesting to watch the influence the art of makeup has on millions of people.

4. Makeup is everything for me and I love how I can play with shadows and I love my eyebrows to be on fleek.

5. The ability to be creative and express yourself is what interests me in makeup. In makeup, you literally can do whatever you want! There isn’t a book of rules in makeup which makes me love makeup even more!

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