Stunning Best Men’s Outfits To Try


4 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion that makes a statement, reflects were people come from (I am Nigerian and I love to wear African Print and afro-centric clothing), and how music, fashion and entrepreneurship and business go hand in hand. I want to be heavily involved in fashion whether it is being a model in a fashion show, being an entertainment director for a fashion show/week, and building relationships between music artist and fashion lines. I hope to be a spokesmodel for a tailored suit line, a bowtie line, and work with various African Print fashion companies as welll.

2. Fashion interest me because there are countless styles of clothing to wear, and everybody has their own opinion on what they like.

3. I am Interested In taking vintage styles of fashion and reinvigorating into a modern day look.

4. Creativity especially and the technique aspect all around the realization of a garment.

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