Stylish Women’s Beachwear For Summer 2018


7 Instagrammers are rocking their beach styles


1. Start dressing with a positive attitude. Play, have fun, risk and feel beautiful and comfortable, dress for yourself.

2. Fashion and style fascinate me since I was a child. I love this world full of beauties, colors and fabrics crafting new different styles, it always made me dream. I love every detail in fashion. From dresses to accessories. I love to be part of this world.

3. Fashion is very complex for myself it is taking a peace of my soul and recreating it in my way.

4. We love beach! In Mele Beach we inspire in the beauty of nature to design our collections. Our designs offer women comfort and femininity, being created to enjoy your holidays and summer.

5. Fashion is all about the clothes and the shoes. There are so many different styles it’s ridiculous and I love it!

6. Don’t focus on being smart or right, build your entire identity around being a learner. Identify the right answer faster than anyone and always being willing to admit when our wrong. Let those thing fill you with pride and you’ll be able to build s skill set that will lead to success. If first you don’t succeed, try try & try again.

7. Fashion has always been designs and the way people wear things. I grew up with a mother who didn’t care about name brand clothing and we didn’t have money to waste on clothes and shoes, so making my own styles out of the things I bought or received boost my creativity for my look and fashion.

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