Trendy Ideas Of Hairstyles For Women

6 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. To achieve the ease and volume use the product range elvive de Loreal. and to get the finish I use my GHD iron. Cream stop scissors sealer elvive dream long tips.

2. I love the salty look but sometimes I don’t want to get wet for having it, so I used the ”salt spray ” texturizing mermaid look – beach matt by Schwarzkopf Got2b for that beachy “salty hairstyle”. Of course, my hair is not curly at all so when I used the salt spray fro Schwarzkopf the became a little curly with few waves.

3. I achieve this hairstyle with the help of my hairstylist of course. The products that we used for the hairstyle is Davines (Sustainable beauty), Energizing shampoo, Love curls hair mask, before blow-dry oil to protect the hair from the heat and for the final touch hairspray unfrizzed.

4. This hairstyle is pretty dynamic. I don’t really think it matters what you use in it. When this picture was taken, I didn’t have any products in my hair.

5. The photo that you mentioned you saw was taken about an hour or so after I got the hairstyle. It was just freshly washed and brushed. I let it air dry, and then I just let it do what it wanted. It’s more of a wake-up and goes style, which I love because I’m pretty lazy.

6. I have tried a lot of different type of hairstyle but this fits my face shape. Best quality straightener, heat protection, and hair vitamin.

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