Women over 5+ Outfits – 10 Dressing Styles for Women


5 Instagrammers ideas and thoughts on casual wear


1. I will never mix black and blue. Dark colors do not go well together.

2. I enjoy fashion as a way to express different moods. I’m interested in a lot of different styles and don’t really like committing to one so it is nice to be able to explore those themes in my clothing.

3. The rule that I never break is Mix METALS! Definitely is my insignia. I prefer to mix prints and put all the attention in colors and make the outfit works but never mixing metals!

4. Let people be themselves. There’s too much choice in the world to be restricted by trends. Experiment. Consult your mirror before anyone else. If it looks good to you and it feels good to you, then you are going to have the confidence to wear anything.

5. Choose clothes which are bright and mix and match them with dull colors.

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