10 Cutest Hairstyles for 2018

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. This hairstyle is good for all face shapes I used Mark Anthony hair care serum.

2. I was having long hair for 4 years (during college). after graduating, I feel bored and want to start something new, which makes me turn back to young and bright. so I went to my favorite hairdresser in Bandung city, Indonesia. the name of the hairdresser is a joins salon ( you can found in @jois_turangga), I ask for a short bob cut which makes an illusion of a pointed face, and TADA! I am very happy with the results I get,anti-loss shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic and hair mask to keep hair shiny. I wear shape and Sunsilk conditioner (brand Indonesia), hair tonic and makarizo mask.

3. I took that picture just right after coming out from a salon. So, its the hairstylist who did the achieve for me. The key to this hairstyle is the smooth texture. I think an ionic brush will help to create that in a most efficient way.

4. This is achieved with regular care of hair. I do regular oiling of the hair before shampoo & conditioning twice a week. I use Tresemme Smooth n Shine Shampoo & Conditioner.

5. I really think anyone can pull off a chic bob.It’s a timeless style for everyone.

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