10 Hairstyle Inspirations for Men

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. Well, Ive always liked doing my hair so to achieve it you need a blow dryer!! And a straightener! And 3-5 minutes of time.? I recommend a flat iron spray and I use tea tree oil before (not a lot) my hair is dry and bring it to a damp dry feeling when I start to blow dry and style then straighten to finish because I have natural curls I need a straightener.

2. The best way to achieve this style is to keep up with haircuts. Each person hair growth is different, so my recommendation is once every 4-6 weeks getting a fresh cut.

3. Dreadlock brush mostly and a little gel called Gummy you can get at a beauty supply store.

4. Best face this hairstyle:- round face shape is better

5. This hairstyle works well if you have locks. So what I just did was cut the sides of my hair and then raised my locks up and used a clip to hold it together.

6. Kept them healthy with regular washes and got the cut from a good salon.

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