10 Hairstyles That Create Magic For Men Style

5 Instagrammers and Their Views About Hairstyle


1. Achieve this layoff at your private barber.Best face rotary and soft hair.

2. This hairstyle is achieved by gelling your hair, combing it forward and pulling it by hand to the side that you desire. The products recommended for this hairstyle are Long Aid Curl Activator Gel for a loose hold and ORS Olive Oil Fly-Away Taming Hair Gel for a firm hold.

3. I always cared for my hair and it was very important to me. I always go to the barber every 3-4 weeks. I achieved that hairstyle by searching good looking men hairstyles. I can truly recommend 2 things. First one is “got2be” – beach boy surfer look matt paste fro Schwarzkopf. I really like that paste, because it has good quality. That paste makes my hair thick, style and stiff. The second one is, of course, hairspray from Schwarzkopf. It is a compliment for good and stylish looking hairstyle.

4. Every time I go to my hairdresser, we try always to create new cuts and hairstyles, and this is definitely our experiment. American Crew Paste (the best product I ever used).

5. I am using set wet gel,when I make my hairstyle just take comb and use one drop coconut oil & 3-4drops water with them and in last I am use set wet gel then after I am by cream on my hair then all these things I put on my hair and starting comb in straight upside that’s very simple & easy to do and it really looks amazing.

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