10 Makeup Ideas For Women To Try In This Season

5 Instgrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. The thing interested me in makeup is that it increases self-confidence in a girl and let her express herself.

2. EVERYTHING! Make-up is my passion and my art.

3. Makeup is constantly evolving. I work in the best field in the world because it never gets boring! There’s always a new trend or technique to master. Makeup is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to brush up on my skills. I also get a profound amount of joy from making women feel

4. Red lipstick, I am totally addicted. Be yourself, don’t care about people consider.

5. What interests me in makeup is the creativity behind makeup. It is like painting your face, there are no rules and you can use whatever colors you want and do what you want. Styling advice I would give to my younger self is do not wear baggy tracksuit bottoms. They did not suit me at all!

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