10+ Modern Hairstyles For Women To Try In This season

6 Instagrammers and Their Views About Hairstyle


1. Using a silk curling wand, a thermal protector and some oil as a finisher. Taking vertical portions of the hair, one by one in the same direction.Tresemme thermal protector and well oil.

2. The haircut that you have found happened about 3.5 years ago. Currently, I have an updated version of that in the attachment. I went to a salon that specializes in curly hair. Though the result is slightly different from what I wanted, it still turned out great. I wanted my hair back. After years of blowdries, coloring, and straightening I started to notice that they are not curling anymore. Then I realized that most women, including myself, do not know how to take care of their hair and find that the only option is to straighten them, which is so wrong. So Pinterest became my best friend in terms of research. I also live in a hot climate so my current hairstyle is the best choice.My goal was and is to use as little of any product as possible. I love this style because I can go to bed with wet hair, brush it in the morning and it will look effortless. In a hot and humid climate, I use a conditioner and local “magic” serum that they sell at the convenience store.

3. I achieved this hairstyle by using the Babyliss Volume Waves and carefully finger combing after all curls are done. For this hairstyle, I would recommend Loreal Paris Elnett hairspray.

4. This is a very simple hairstyle to achieve all you need are the right products and hot rollers. Just use a good moose to add volume to your hair and then blow dry them follow with hot rollers for 20 minutes then remove rollers. You need a styling moose and a setting spray.

5. I cannot take credit for creating the hairstyle, my friend who modeled for me styled her own hair and makeup. I know she just used a curling iron and a bit of hairspray and dry shampoo for it. We are Colorado girls so if I had to name the hairstyle I would call it “mountain girl curls”, most girls up in Colorado sport these loose, relaxed, yet girly curls. If you use an Instagram handle to promote you can us the mayamccomasphoto one. Attached is a close up from that shoot, Its been a while since I shot that photo so these are probably the only close-ups I have of her hair that day.

6. I did the hairstyle myself by using the crochet method and tool. Gel I used Ebin styler gel. And Faux curly locks 4 packs of hair.

7. This hairstyle can be used with any face shape but can be adjusted if you wish to tighten the front or lift the back higher.

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