10 Stunning Makeup Looks For Women

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1.I’m a very OCD person and literally, everything has to match. I would never wear something that makes me uncomfortable, I like to feel good in my clothes. I love makeup. There was a time when I was running beauty dedicated Instagram where I was posting makeup looks done by me. I love playing with makeup and the way it can change your whole look is just amazing.

2. In makeup what interests me is the various looks one can create for different occasions such as smokey eyes for an evening of suspense (the mesmerizing girl everyone wants to know at the party), the contour techniques that can highlight your irresistible check bones and vivacious nose line.

3. Making sure your outfit fits correctly! No matter how cute the outfit maybe, if you’re wearing something that isn’t sitting right on your body it can ruin an entire look. Constantly adjusting an ill-fitting piece will make you feel insecure and be a total confidence killer!

4. The reason I love makeup is that you can do some much with and its the best way to express yourself with all the different styles and colors

5. I LOVE makeup, if I could I would live on it! I love eyelash masks and good skin.

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