10+Trendy Kids’ Outfits You’ll Want

8 Instagrammers And Their Views About Kids Fashion


1. Hairstyles are pigtails with strands of artificial colored hair.

2. Feel comfortable in your outfit. Our favorite Casual Wear is a jogging,t-shirts, dresses, skirts, sneakers, slippers and of cause is swimsuits, because often we like to be on the Mediterranean Sea

3. I’m interested in children’s fashion. When I graduated from fashion design college in 2016, I created a children’s collection of modular clothing. I transformed the experience of “dressing” into a joking, a puzzle game. The clothes, which have a ludic design, colorful and fun, aims to stimulate creativity, motor coordination and user autonomy. For this, mechanisms like pressure buttons and front openings were used, which allow the children to dress and assemble the clothes by themselves. These facilities also help children with disabilities, who need certain adaptations. Now I have a Brazilian brand of personalized gifts, called “Meu Mini Ateliê”, that means “My Mini Atelier”. I make special Scrapbooks, buttons and all about collages.

4. We achieved these styles by French braiding their natural hair with a small blend of braiding hair weave for fullness and length. Anita chose to get a mixture of beads and curls. The curls were achieved using hair rods and boiling hot water. Kaylee chose to have all the beads on her braids.

5. One fashion rule never broken is not to wear too much “preppy” and “form-fitting” clothing. We keep Jr’s style simple and nice with still letting him be a kid. No need to wear expensive clothes and shoes for them to be ruined when he goes to play!

6. the hairstyle was achieved by blowing it out, after drying her hair I used coconut oil to enhance softness and luster.

7. Actually, this is a very simple hairstyle. I woke up and I put a braid in my hair. After that, I put my hair together and name a ( sort of) ball of it.

8. Things that catch my eye with street style are checkered prints, crazy bright vibrant colors, and of course my favorite floral dresses! I believe there are simply no rules when it comes to fashion. Fashion is fun and forever changing, so do what makes you feel happy and break the rules!

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