12 Gorgeous Hair Ideas for Women in 2018

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1. So, Analia has kinda wavy hair but more like a frizzy one, and she doesn’t like to have like Brazilian blow-drys because she is like most Argentinian girls ‘natural hairstyle hairstyle’ that’s why I use to keep her with her natural base color and used to add some highlights to give her hair some density. In addition, she has a very dark base so you need to be careful when lightening to not generate warmer shades. In this case I did a balayage design with dark contouring. I divided her head in 3 areas. The bottom one from the occipital bone and down to the neck I applied igora royal 6-0 + E-1 + 3% activator lotion from roots to the ends. This will create a middle brown shade that will give the feeling of hair quantity. The middle area above the first area until the superior veil. I placed a few chunky highlights to create texture. For the highlights I used blond me powder mixed with 6% activator and fiberplex. In the rest of this middle area I applied a gentle root area 6-0 + E-1 + 3% a

2. We had a hairstylist on set. I 100% recommend professional styling, especially for hair. The stylist used various products and styling tools to achieve this look. First, we used Davines shampoo and conditioner. Then bumble and bumble tonic lotion as a pre-styler. Davines ?this is a volume boost? was used throughout the blow-dry styling to create that perfect lift. Styling was mostly done with a blow dryer and an Ibiza B3 round brush. A wand was used and for hair on top to create tight curls that got brushed out for extra volume. Bumble and Bumble ?thickening Dryspun finish? was applied to the roots before ?this is a strong hairspray? by Davines was used to hold every hair in place for a day at the beach. The flower was placed and clipped as a finishing touch. Bumble and bumble, as well as Davines products, were used for this hairstyle. A round brush and blow dryer are the most necessary tools for this look. Use a bigger brush for longer hair. Davines products were used because of her h

3. The event was actually a wedding gown fashion show here in the Philippines by Mitch Desunia Couture (@mitchdesunia). I achieved this hairstyle through my Hair and Makeup Artist Ms. Jem Biscocho (@makeupby.jem). It is typically a wedding braided low bun hairstyle. I cant remember what products she used but I think its a local hairspray here in the Philippines. Its best for heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces since its a bun it can show the features of small faces.

4. I achieved this hairstyle by sectioning the hair, teasing the top and pinning it, and overlapping twisted strands to create the messy, romantic feel for the bottom half. My favorite product to use to achieve a look like this is Kenra Dry Texture Spray. Almost anyone can wear this look! However, I feel like its most easily achieved on more coarse, textured hair types, but if you use a texturizing spray, you can definitely make it work on fine hair as well.

5. This hairstyle is really easy to achieve, as it only requires to use 2 hair sticks. It is a half updo, where the base of the crown of your hair is pulled together on top of your head, forming a small bun, and placing the hair sticks in between the bun on opposite directions. the rest of your hair is let down. For added flair, I used glitter glue and gold nail polish to write my name and a flower on the hair sticks. You can create and design the hair sticks however you like! I bought these hair sticks and my local beauty supply store, which was only $2.For this look, in particular, I wanted my hair to be straight. I have fine curly/wavy hair, so I used Cantu Anti Frizz Morrocan Oil and a little bit of Vitamin E oil on my hair as I blow dried it with a blow dryer and a big round brush. I only use these oils on the shaft to the ends of my hair, as my roots produce a lot of oil already. I then add dry shampoo to my roots so it gives it a little more volume. Lately, my favorite Dry Shampoo

6. I recommend the expression braiding hair for this style. Any hair that can be cornrowed can work for this style and it’s a style for all. I achieved this hairstyle by crocheting.

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