12 Popular Hairstyles For Women

6 Instagrammers and Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I combed my hair using @bioextratuspiaui’s products. The Spcialiste Matizante line has an efficient Cleaning Shampoo, a violet mask of moisturizing, a gray mask that eliminates orange tones, a finisher with antioxidant protection and a single dose conditioner.

2. To achieve this hairstyle I first washed, conditioned and detangles my hair. After I applied a deep moisture conditioner mixed with coconut oil and shea butter to my damp hair and combed it through my hair. I then combed my hair upward. Once it began to stay in a standing position I applied Eco Styling Olive Oil Gel (the one in the green jar or you can use the clear Eco gel or the Pink Eco gel) to the perimeters of my hair and work it upward so all of my edges were slicked up. I parted off a section of hair in the front about 3 inches wide and 2 inched deep a two-strand twisted it. I then took a ribbon about 12 inches long (you can use a cotton shoelace or even a large elastic headband if you don’t have a ribbon ) placed it at my hairline with the ends in the front. I tied it once in the front and tightened it, being sure to leave out the twisted section. I slide the ribbon up my hair and tightened it so it created almost a high loose afro puff. (The point is to keep the perimeters of

3. I achieved this hairstyle using 4 packs of kanekelon braiding hair, splitting the packs into two equal halves using one half of the pack per braid. For each braid, I then split the half pack of hair into 8-9 sections of hair from tiny to big to achieve the traditional feed-in braid look. I first part the client’s hair in half from ear to ear and braid the top section up and towards the middle of the head, and braid the bottom section upward towards the middle as well. When all the braids are braided up towards each other, I dip the ends of the braids in hot water to help them lay down smoother, then wrap the braids up on top of the head into a nice bun.

4. To be a fabulous painter, the product I will use is of Skala.The best: A-NY-ONE can use.

5. I have naturally straight hair. I use a hair straightener to curl ends of my hair. Add some stylish foam, brush hair with my fingers and that’s it. Little torque of my design finishes the look. Just some styling foam for long lasting effect.

6. Its a center part 18 inch wig made with a 16-inch closure but slanted to the side to give it the side part look. Also, the wig was colored with dark brown and blond to give it the highlighted look. Egg curls of any good 100 % human hair weaving brushed out to give it the lengthy look.

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