12 Stunning Hairstyle Ideas

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1. This is a very simple hairstyle to achieve all you need are the right products and hot rollers. Just use a good moose to add volume to your hair and then blow dry them follow with hot rollers for 20 minutes then remove rollers. You need a styling moose and a setting spray.

2. I used my GlamPalm straightener to create this style. I dont own a curling iron and find that you can make curls just as well with a straightener. I use Schwarzkopf leave in conditioner after I shower to brush out my hair and then I use the Moroccan Oil heat protectant spray on my hair before I use any heat on my hair.

3. Day old hair, magic wand, fingers ran through some hairspray. Toss and Go! Don’t wash your hair-everyday, Work With It, Hairspray that holds but allows flow, Natural-baby!!

4. I achieved this hairstyle by following the technique for a traditional crotchet braid installment. Youd first braid the client’s natural hair going straight back and then proceed by crotchet the faux loss to each braid. My favorite products for this style would have to be vitamin E oil or any growth oil/serum for the hair after style is complete. Also, Hicks edge control to lay the baby hairs (if necessary).

5. I achieved this hairstyle by washing my hair and massaging GARNIER ultimate blends oil through it, I then apply got2b twisted double curling power to my hair in a scrunching motion. To finish if I add a bit of heat from the hair dryer for a few seconds all over then let it dry naturally. For this hairstyle, I recommend GARNIER ultimate blends oil and Schwarzkopf twisted double curling power mousse.

6. I achieve this hairstyle thanks to my Remington flat iron which I love and the products I usually use to not damage my hair. Before doing this hairstyle I usually use ONE by Revlon it leaves my hair more manageable, once I comb my hair I use my hairdryer then I use my flat iron, and once I’m done, I always apply my label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Protein Cream.

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