15+ Beautiful Hairstyle Inspirations

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1. Alright, so this is a crown braid, which involves braiding all of the hair around the edges of your hairline in a circle, then wrapping and pinning the ends around each other. As with every messy style, tug at short layers and the edges of your braid to soften the look. Create as much volume as you can for messy hairstyles using styling mousse(L’OREAL) or voluminous powder(SCHWARZKOPF). Post that complete the finishing with a holding spray (L’OREAL ELNETT).

2. I achieved this hairstyle by installing a 10 inch already died weave, by weaving it into my hair and leaving my own natural hair out for the middle parting. It has a more natural look to it that way. The products I’d recommend are Dark and Lovely hair moisturizing creams for your own hair as it can tend to get a bit dry and needs to stay moist. For the weave, it would be great to occasionally shampoo and condition it with any product that has egg ingredients or essential oils such as coconut, shea butter, and so forth.

3. On the models hair, I have made coloring. There are very fashionable pastel shades of pink and purple (hair color Luo and ColorfulHair L' Oral Professionnel). Models natural hair is straight. The effect of the wavy hairstyle was made using wave-maker. There is a messy bun (made up of the rest of the hair) on the top of the head. It makes a very modern and youthful look.

4. This is really quite a natural look for me. I tie my hair in a bun at night to give it a bit of bounce and wave. I use Batiste dry shampoo to freshen up and add extra volume and John Frieda hairspray to keep my style in place. I picked up the flower headband at a market in Wroclaw where I was visiting when this photo was taken.I use Tigi bedhead root boost mousse when blowdrying my hair plus Batiste dry shampoo and John Frieda hairspray.

5. I had my hair done by my lovely mother. Its a long A-line haircut. She did a balayage highlight towards the bottom of my hair and kept the top part my natural hair color. I believe she bleached it twice then added lavender and a little blush color towards the end and a darker purple to blend with my top natural hair. This picture was taken a few weeks after I had my hair done so there is a slight fade but it came out so natural. I did a light blow dry and put in some hair treatment to keep it looking shiny and healthy. I use Pureology color shampoo to keep the color in. I would recommend using LOMA calming creme when the hair is damp then use LOMA nourishing oil after you dry your hair.

6. To do this hairstyle it was necessary that the model had her hair washed then we used a thermal protector to protect the hair wires is then brush and we passed the plaque in her hair to finish more than we used a baby liss to make the effect of the waves in the hair, then we put granpos in the ends of the hair to be able to hold more curls and we pass a hairspray on the tips of the hair to prolong the effect of the waves, so that you wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove the hair clips and give the hair with a topping because in this way you will leave the waves looser and with natural balance, to finish use a little more (hairspray) on the tips of the hair that way you will be prolonging the effect of the waves and leaving the hair with more beautiful finish!

7. I style my hair every beauty year! My hair is naturally straight but usually, I use a straightener to straight the end part of my hair! I believe that every face shape and every hair type can achieve this hairstyle!

8. Actually, my sister is a hair stylist, she helped to achieve this hairstyle at home. I requested that I would like to have a hairstyle with a shiny and personality. We used the Goldwell Professional Hair Color for this hairstyle. I think all face shapes can be suitable for this hairstyle and of course long hair is better.

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