3 Simple And Easy Makeup Ideas For Women

3 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. How to do the perfect Winged Eyeliner! I really struggle with this but it’s my favorite makeup look. Who can really do it perfectly?In middle school, I went through a phase where I would wear black eyeshadow, and cake it on! I thought it looked really good, until now when I look back at my pictures. Sometimes less is more. You don’t always have to hide behind a face of makeup. Real beauty really does come from within.

2. Everything shimmery! The highlighter is my life. You dont need Chola eyebrows, girl.

3. Makeup for me is like being an artist and using the best blank canvas that you can ever be owned, your face! There are so many different creations that you can do with your eyes alone, that every time I do my makeup, it’s a little bit different. Whether it’s a different mixture of colors on my eyelids that I’m trying out for the first time or using different products for the first time, it’s always an exciting and new experience for me from start to finish!

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    Morrell’s makeup is always on point! Definitely follow her on instagram

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