4 Hairstyles For Women To Rock

4 Instagrammers Thoughts and Ideas on Hairstyles


1. This is a perfect hairstyle for any dresses.

2. This hairstyle will work with most any face shape and hair type, due to the technique used. She crimped my entire head to give it more volume, before braiding and finally spraying color. The name of the hairstyle is “Modified Mo.”

3. I always wash my hair with a shampoo and hair mask specially made for dry, frizzy hair to create a smooth looking hairdo. After I washed my hair, I let it dry naturally (my hair is naturally wavy) and massage some mousse (Garnier Fructis Curls) and serum (Elsève Extraordinary Oil Serum) on my hair length. This will give your hair more volume en boosts your waves. When my hair is dry, I put some extra strong hairspray on it so my waves last the whole day.

4. For this hairstyle, I sectioned the hair in diagonal sections. Backcombed and put everything in foils. I left one section in with the original hair and the other in foils. First I started in the back. I have used Wella blond or bleach and Wella color touch. After the process, the hair is protected with olaplex treatment full service. This color is in general for every hair type and face. The color is ashy blonde and blends really nice with every skin tone. I used GHD straightener for the curls and finished with Wella hairspray. The hairstyle and color I like to name Ashy blonde cause for the moment is the most required color.

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