5+ Five-Minute Gorgeous and Easy Hairstyles

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. Basically asked the salon if they could give me a balayage hair color with warm hair tones for my warm undertone. Use Olaplex for the best hair texture after bleaching! Basically, a square-shaped face or an oblong face would do!

2. I do not use any heat on my hair. So to give it extra volume, I tie my front hair with a clip making a puff. I do it right after the hair was when the hair is wet. And once all the hair has dried I just take the clip off and run my fingers through my hair and there is this natural volume in hair which stays for a good number of hours.

3. I made my hair straight by pegging it.

4. The products I use are the Redken Frizz Dismiss shampoo and conditioner, Redken anti-snap, Rusk Thermal Serum, and Rusk W8less Plus hairspray. I just washed and dried my hair then as I am straightening out the ends as well as the small pieces that naturally have a wave to them, I straighten the roots of my hair in an upward direction so that I have more volume.

5. This Half-up Dutch Crown Braided Hairstyle is one of my favorites and looks great on any shaped face.

6. I achieved my style by parting my hair on an angle than flat ironing the mid-shaft to the end of my hair. Then I pin curled my hair and used a slight hair oil spray and holding spray.

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