5 Hair Styles Ideas For Men To Look Fashion

5 Instagrammers ideas and thoughts on hairstyle


1. Three years ago I decided I wanted to grow my hair a bit. I always liked taking care of myself and especially my hair. As I was growing my hair I achieved better photoshootingsI mostly use ”avocado masks ” to keep my hair Hydrated and moisturized. Moreover, my usual shampoo and conditioner brand is the ” Acqua Di Parma” as it suits my hair best.

2. Started combing the hair to straighten and prepare hair for the fade. started guideline a 1 inch above the top of the ear with Wahl’s 5-star detail edgers then with the Wahl Fast feed, opened the blade all the way and set guideline another 1 inch up towards the crown of the head. With 1 guard closed all the way to set another guideline. Remove guard and with the blade closed and remove the line at the bottom then I start to blend with 2 guards open against the grain and gradually close lever the back to 1 guard to knock outline.

3. I think clean shaved is the best profile for doing this hairstyle.

4. My hair salon stylist recommends for this hairstyle.i also use ‘Gatsby’s water gloss power and spiky.

5. As my client wanted to keep the length of the top part of his hair, I decided to be funky with this hairstyle. I decided to go with a subtle number 1 fade on the sides and layered the top of his hair to lighten the weight and add some volume.

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